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Maybe to come at some point are pics of Teeth and BoneSpear.  The teeth look a lot more toothlike now, with Nihlathak bone chips replacing whatever the hell was originally there.  BoneSpear is now Spectral Poison... slower, longer range, hellacious poison damage, and QueenDeathGuts as the missile anim.

This first bunch are the new curse animations.  I was absolutely sick of having to decipher the head-overlay the curse gave me, so I grouped the curses by effect and gave them somewhat evocative animations so I'd instantly have a general idea of what was going on.

For Iron Maiden, Life Tap, and Amplify Damage


Weaken, Decrepify, and Lower Resist



Terror, Confuse, Dim Vision


Necro Nuke

The following was a very happy accident.  I was fiddling with anims for Poison Nova and decided to try this one out... and man did it work out nicer than I thought :).  You can't quite tell from this run, but you get a very nuclear-looking burst (but no mushroom cloud, alas), and a great shockwave.  I really jacked this one up, both in power and cost,, but I haven't decided if it should be a level 40 or level 50 spell.


Just Fallen, but annoying...


Here we go...


Buh-bye.  And this applies to a lot tougher enemies than Fallen, I assure you, but they were convenient for getting the shot.  One of the things I changed was the range... 60 yards.  I haven't decided if it's really effective to that range, but it's definitely a screen clearer.