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Here are a slew of graphics I've put together for my mod: 20 recolors (like the Fool set below), 11 c/p of pre-existing items
(like the staves, amazon armor, and tiara), 7 really new items, 152 runes, and 68 gems/gemlike things, divided into two .zips. 
Some examples are below (obviously


Equipment   .zip   121 K


Gems etc.   .zip   305 K


All items are included in the .zips in both .bmp and .dc6 format.


Everything in the stash is included in the equipment pack except for the gold boots and amulet. The equipped set* is included as
well, but nothing in the inventory is 'mine' except for the golden arrow quiver (my favorite new unique (clvl 5)... rep-quant,
stack, 3 charges of lvl 20 multiple arrow, plus some minor att-speed and dmg modifiers. Blood Raven drops it for a little

*these two sets (Benevolent Walker and Malicious Walker) are fun :). each of the six items has a -1, -2, or -3 to light, and
some appropriate speed-boost (walk, block, etc.). the armor has charges of cloak of shadows, the sword has 99 charges of
teleport, and the helm has 99 charges of telekinesis, plus a few other goodies. basically, when complete, the set has about -12
to light, leaving you completely in the dark in caves, but you attack and move well over 100% faster than without the set, though
it doesn't do much beyond speeding you up (taking you mostly out of 'this' dimension, as the idea goes).






I'm actually not quite certain where I got the original graphic for the techie looking helmet, so I hope I'm not ripping someone
off, as I did with the breastplate (grrrrr. and I was so pleased with how it came out, lol. then I was glancing again through the
packs I'd downloaded and saw that not only was there already a breastplate like it in the PK itempack, I even picked the exact
same breastplate style from one of those online medievalist shops. so the breastplate is not included now).

The gladius, deathmask, legionnaire's helm, greek helm, techie helm, and barrel helm are included however. So are the cassock
and miter that are equipped. I didn't include the wooden cross* since that was just a resize, so I didn't figure it as a big deal,
but I could include a variety of sizes if there was some demand. 

The gems and runes are just a small sample (like I have the time to put 152 runes and 68 gems on display, lol)

* equipped is one of my sets: Holy Orders (clvl 50)- the cassock, miter, and gloves are good for 6 AC total, but the cross has
an AC about 400, and smite of 35-97 (and no display graphic of course... kinda silly if it still displayed a shield ;)). the bone
club fires holy bolts as an att-skill (100%), but otherwise only does 1-2 dmg, and has a max durability of 3. there are a few
odds and ends, but this is strictly a set for someone who likes to play backup to their mercenary... it's very light on modifiers in
general, and vulnerable, and limited to smite for serious melee damage, but the full set grants +5 to the paladin's defensive auras.