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Welcome to my site of (evil) D2: LoD Miscellany.  



The (evil) links to the left are reasonably self-explanatory, so let me just reassure you that you're in the right place if you want random D2 modding stuff.  Updates will be sporadic at best, but there will continue to be some for as long as I have the time to mod on a regular basis. 


I've got a mod I'm working on (evilly), but I'm probably never going to finish it, so I'm never going to release it.  It would be entirely too big anyway... the skill and overlay revamp I've done would be a 2 Mb download all by itself.  Though I may post extremely large things if there seems to be some demand for them, all dl's here will generally be less than 500 (evil) K.  Often much less.


Instead, I'll be posting what I've done on my mod (screenshots and general ideas, etc.) and linking to more detailed descriptions in the tutorial that are mainly directed at those as brand-newbie as I was when I got started a few (evil) months ago.  I can not answer questions about PSP or any other good image manip. program: I have MS PhotoDraw, which is adequate, and which I can answer questions about (there's a dubious honor... PhotoDraw guru, lol).  I can also answer other questions I suppose, but the PhrozenKeep Forum is by far the best (evil) place for that.


Happy Modding :)



Thanks, of course, to Blizzard for D2, and to the PhrozenKeep for feeding my modding habit (and now hosting this odd little site).



March 18, 2002-


Things moved disturbingly quickly on the item graphics front.  I am, of course, completely out of time now, so it will likely be two weeks before I can finish them up for release, but I should have three new packs coming out soon (magical swords, matched and colorful equipment, and regular equipment with very random stuff).  Below is a screenshot of the four best magical swords, the Elemental Swords.



March 14, 2002-


AIIIEEEEE!  The horrible, horrible pages used for demonstration are now gone, and I hope you didn't see them :).  Oh, and greetings and so forth in this, my 'going live' update.  I'll be adding a lot more once I've got it organized ;), including twenty more skilltree backgrounds fairly soon, and hopefully another itempack fairly soon as well.