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I like Cheerios: or "How I learned to despise net marketdroids"

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I'm reminded of's faq about the advertising practices of theirs that I find so very obnoxious.  They used the phrase 'helping with the user's web experience', I presume not tongue-in-cheek, to explain that their ads pop-under the browser window because it helps with the user's experience of the web for them not to pop-over.  It is true that this is preferable to popping-over, and it just takes a click to close the beast when you see it, but it is most emphatically not helping the user experience to be less rude than possible.  I wrote to their marketdroids and said:

"It may be that urine is easy to separate from milk, but please do not whizz in my Cheerios and smile and tell me that you are helping my Cheerios-eating experience because all I have to do is separate the urine from my cereal."

They never replied.

How odd.