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Please read my damn requests for tech support

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I've had two 'interesting' experiences with tech support in my time using computers.  Fortunately I've been able to muddle through and figure out what the problem was most of the time, but I've had to ask for help once and "What the hell is going on?" once as well.

The latter is shorter so I'll cover it first.  Another site that I had up about a year ago (unrelated to this one) abruptly disappeared without any notification (I know perfectly well it didn't violate their TOS).  I emailed to ask if it was the host's practice to randomly delete entire web sites, to state that I was putting it back up immediately, and that they'd lose my business the instant it disappeared again.  Their response, a week and a half later, mainly consisted of: "Hmmm, well, it seems to be back in place and working fine.  Maybe it was just a temporary outage."  I could have answered this in a lot of ways, but decided there was no way of making it clear to them just how inane their response was.

The first went along similar lines, dealing with an old ISPs free webspace.  It was suggested that I use a particular FTP program so I downloaded it.  I'd never used one before so it hardly mattered to me.  Their instructions were clear and explicit and led me exactly nowhere.  The particular address to upload to automatically redirected to another address with no privileges whatsoever, leaving me with no way to actually upload my site.  I thought I was rather helpful to the tech support guy, including various bits of pertinent info and a brief log of the FTP session, detailing exactly what happened and what messages I got that blocked me.  Their response, essentially:

"I gave it a try and it worked fine." (along with some other nonsense)

Okay, just a glitch or somesuch, so I tried it again and got nothing again.  Ahhh, I included the FTP log as an attachment last time.  He must not have noticed the first time, even though I referred to the attachment and said it included a log of the session.  I included it in the body of the email this time and got back:

"I gave it a try and it worked fine." (along with some other nonsense)

I didn't bother responding to this either.  Please read my damn requests for tech support.  If I include a short record of something that doesn't work, showing that it doesn't work, damn well do not tell me that it does.  I can understand the tech's frustration when he or she has to deal with an imbecile who uses their cd tray as a cup-holder, but I really wanted to tell 'my' techs that they should trade their laptops in for Etch-a-Sketches.