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Oh, shut UP!!

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"Because Windows was not properly shut down, ScanDisk is now checking your disk drives for errors.  To avoid seeing this message again, always shut down your computer by selecting Shut Down from the Start menu."

Does anyone else think that this message is remarkably insulting?  Let's parse it... 

"Because Windows was not properly shut down,":  This indicates the truth of the matter insofar as it goes; Windows was not in fact properly shut down, but there is no admission on the part of Microsoft that, the vast majority of the time, the improper shut down is Windows utterly crashing.

"ScanDisk is now checking your disk drives for errors.":   Yes, though it may be more accurate to say, "ScanDisk is now checking for file-system errors induced by your OS being unable to cope with extended daily use, and writing garbage to the disk while thrashing about in its death throes."

"To avoid seeing this message again,":  Now, this phrase has two very interesting tidbits.  First of all, it suggests that there is something the user can do to avoid this post-'improper shut down' scan.  In general terms, this is true since most users haven't the foggiest idea how to maintain their systems.  However, I know and take the various steps necessary to insure my system runs as much like a top as is possible for a Microsoft product and I still see this message on at least a weekly basis.  Secondly, because it suggests there is something for the user to do, all blame for the 'improper shut down' is laid squarely at the users' feet for not doing this something.

"Always shut down your computer by selecting Shut Down from the Start Menu.":  What?  It's a bad thing to flip the power on and off ten times in quick succession?  Please.  Anyone who doesn't know the proper way of shutting a computer down will probably manage someday to burn their house down with their unplugged blender.  Oops!  While reaching for the backspace key, I accidentally missed by four feet over and two feet down and hit the power button or reset button on the tower by mistake.  Please.  And anyone with a both a toddler/other small child and a computer should have the common sense to keep them well separated.  "Always...", taken in consideration with "To avoid...", effectively and explicitly states that you are seeing this message because you failed to accomplish the simple task assigned to you of selecting Shut Down from the Start menu.  This disregards any other action, such as reasonable maintenance, that the user may take to avoid crashes, and so disallows the possibility that Windows did in fact crash.  The only reason ScanDisk is running is because you failed in your sacred duty to choose Shut Down from the Start menu, not because Windows crashed, no, sir!

I'd rather see this message:

"Because Windows was not properly shut down, almost certainly because it crashed, ScanDisk is checking to make sure we haven't inadvertently dicked-up some of your oh-so-precious files.  If you simply turned it off or let your kids at it, do be more careful in the future.  If Windows crashed, we apologize *chuckle* for the inconvenience for you that derives from our remarkable market-share rendering customer satisfaction cost-ineffective." seems to me to at least be a more honest statement of the company's position.